Wicked Ridge Match 400 20″ Alpha-Brite Crossbow Bolts .003″ Pack of 3




The Wicked Ridge Match 400 Crossbow Bolt features a stainless-steel insert that creates an improved 14% FOC, generating up to 20% tighter groupings. The Match 400 is a 20″ carbon-shaft, fletched with slightly offset fletchings and is fitted with a 61 grain aluminum insert and 3.5″ Bohning X vanes. The Match 400 is equipped with TenPopint’s Alpha-Brite produces straight nock travel and precision down-range accuracy, while minimizing the string wear.


  • Improved FOC
  • Tighter groupings
  • Fletched
  • Precise down-range accuracy
  • Stainless-steel insert
  • Alpha-Brite lighted nock


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