SIG MCX Rattler Canebrake




The SIG MCX Rattler Canebrake 300 Blackout pistol with 5.5 inch threaded barrel, is SIG’s newest edition in the MCX Pistol lineup. SIG’s Canebrake is equipped with a Suppressor Ready SD-MLOK Handguard and Inert Trainer (dummy supressor). No need to purchase extra barrels or Suppressor friendly handguards, it is suppressor ready. It’s set up to receive SIG’s SIGSRD762 suppressor once your NFA paper work is finished. Equipped with a adjustable gas piston system, to fine tune your suppressor and ammunition combos.

SIG Sauer’s new SIG Canebrake comes standard with a upgraded match grade 2-stage flat blade trigger and folding coyote-tan PCB Brace. Then finished off nicely in E190 Cerakote for extra finish durability.Shop More SIG MCX Rattler Pistols Online.

UPC: 798681598724
Manufactures Item Number: PMCX-300B-5B-TAP-CANE
Operating System: Gas Piston
Caliber: 300 Blackout
Barrel: 5 1/2 inch (140 mm)
Magazine: (1) AR-15 30rd Aluminum Mag

SIG’s newest addition to the MCX Pistol series is the SIG MCX Rattler Canebrake 300 Blackout pistol, which features a 5.5-inch threaded barrel. SIG’s Canebrake has a Suppressor Ready SD-MLOK Handguard as well as an Inert Trainer (dummy supressor). There’s no need to buy extra barrels or suppressor-friendly handguards because it’s already suppressor-ready. Once your NFA paperwork is completed, it’ll be ready to receive SIG’s SIGSRD762 suppressor. To fine-tune your suppressor and ammo combinations, it comes with an adjustable gas piston mechanism.

The enhanced match grade 2-stage flat blade trigger and folding coyote-tan PCB Brace come standard on SIG Sauer’s new SIG Canebrake. Then it was given a good coat of E190 Cerakote for further durability. More SIG MCX Rattler Pistols are available for purchase online.
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