Remington Slug Barrel Remington 11-87 Special Purpose 12 Gauge 3″ 21″ Rifled with Cantilever Scope Mount Matte

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Remington Slug Barrel Remington For Sale

The Remington Slug Barrel Remington 11-87 Special Purpose 12 Gauge 3″ 21″ Fluted with Matte Cantilever Scope Mount: Remington factory replacement barrels. It Cantilever mount Rem Choke barrels feature upgraded Mossberg maverick 88 barrels and extended rifled tubes. Bullet barrels 11-87 are not intended for light loads and are not equipped with a pressure compensation gas system.

What makes an 870 barrel?

An 870 barrel is a shotgun barrel designed primarily to fire slugs instead of shot and is usually rifled. A shotgun with slug barrels is often called a slug gun.

Can you shoot a slug through a standard 24 870 barrel?

Because you need a smooth bore 24 870 barrel to fire shots, many shotguns come fitted with one (shells that have bbs or multiple shots – these are used in bird hunting and other sporting situations). But you can use a smooth bore barrel to fire slugs in addition to shots.

Do you need a special 24″ 870 barrel for slugs?

Yes, You can shoot slugs thru any modern shotgun chambered for that size shell or cartridge so long as it is a modified choke or cylinder bore, which means the slug will pass freely down the length of the slug barrel.

  • Deer barrels are not equipped with a pressure-compensating gas system and will not function with the target or light field loads.
  • Cantilever Rem Choke deer barrels are equipped with improved cylinders and extended rifled choke tubes.
  • The forends on Light Contour Model 11-87 shotguns are shaped to follow the curve of the slimmer-profile LC barrel. But it cannot fit a standard vent rib or deer barrel unless the forend is opened up to accept the larger barrel or purchase a standard profile forend.
  • Rifle-sighted Rem Choke deer barrels are equipped with rifled and improved cylinder choke tubes.

Specifications – Cantilever mount Rem Choke barrels

Product Information

Cartridge 12 Gauge
Finish Matte
Material Steel
Length 21 Inches
Rifled Yes
Sights None
Interchangeable Choke No
Chamber 3 Inches
Compatible With
Remington 11-87

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 3.120 Pounds


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