Mossberg Barrel Mossberg 500 20 Gauge 3″ 24″ Cylinder Bore with Rifle Sights Steel Blue

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Increase the flexibility of your Mossberg Barrel Mossberg 500 20 Gauge by adding a factory replacement barrel. One shotgun can do everything with the right barrel combination – Mossberg maverick 88 barrels 3″ 24″ Cylinder Bore with Rifle Sights Steel Blue.

It is a cyl-bore barrel with rifle sights. It has no twist. It is a good quality product if you want a smoothbore slug gun or a 20 ga turkey gun.

What type of Mossberg maverick 88 barrels?

It is Mossberg maverick 88 barrels with an 18.5-inch (470 mm) barrel fitted and a 24-inch (610 mm) barrel with rifle sights. (The bore of the Cylinder means that it does not have a choke).

Does the Mossberg 10301mt come in a 20 gauge?

The Mossberg 10301mt All-Purpose Field 20 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun (50136) is another example of why Mossberg has been a leader in introducing high-quality shotguns at an affordable price.

What are the different types of Mossberg 90035?

There are three distinct categories of the stock model 500, including the Mossberg 90035 Hunting, Mossberg 500 Tactical, and the Mossberg 500 flex. Each of these categories also has a set number of distinct variants where the shotgun was tailor-built with a specific purpose in mind.

How many rounds does a Mossberg 90035 shotgun hold?

This 20 gauge has a 2 ¾ and 3-inch capacity with a total capacity of 6 rounds and features a thick-walled 14-inch barrel with a heel sight and a matte blue finish. Tailcap and magazine sling swivel bolts complete this compact package.

What is a Maverick 88 slug used for?

The Maverick 88 slug is popular with small game hunters and sports shooters. Hunters and trap shooters comprehend that the lower the number, the larger the gauge in a gauge-designated shotgun.

What’s the best Maverick 88 slug to buy?

While he has a lot of shotguns, the Maverick 88 slug is the best option. The Mossberg 590A1 is a pump action tactical shotgun with a six-round capacity plus one in the chamber. It is the only shotgun to have passed the Mil-Spec 3443E test, making it the most reliable choice.

Specifications – Mossberg 500 shotgun

Product Information

Cartridge 20 Gauge
Finish Blue
Material Steel
Length 24 Inches
Rifled No
Sights Rifled Sights
Interchangeable Choke No
Chamber 3 Inches
Compatible With
Mossberg 500

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 2.400 Pounds


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