Megabass I-Slide 262T Glide Bait




The Megabass I-SLIDE-262T Glide Bait is designed for a wide, meandering “S” swimming motion with a steady retrieve, luring in targets with its nonchalant action. However, the 262T truly comes alive with downward snaps of the rod tip. With proper slack line control, the 262T will break left/right and glide a massive 2ft, showing off its carefully sculpted profile to roaming monsters. Equipped with double split-rings so trophies can’t gain enough leverage to throw hooks during the fight, the I-SLIDE-262T will bring your hard-won bite home. Recommended hook settings vary with set ups, and the size and species of target fish.
The I-SLIDE-262T comes equipped with durable thick-gauge hooks to handle most applications. Please note that while replacing with thinner gauge hooks will increase penetration, any changes to hooks and split rings will affect the sink rate.

I-SLIDE series require straight tail to perform proper swimming action. The I-SLIDE-262T is tuned to slow sink in water temperature between 50F – 59F. As water temperatures rise, the bait will change into a suspend/slow-floating type.

The I-SLIDE-262T is carefully tuned for horizontal swimming posture. When changing weight settings, please take care to add weight evenly and keep I-SLIDE horizontal in the water. This will allow maximum performance.


  • Horizontal swimming posture
  • Tuned to slow sink in water temps between 50-59 degree F.
  • Meandering “S” swimming motion


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