Glock 45 Gen 5




Glock 45 Gen 5

the Glock 45 Gen 5 is a 9mm pistol similar to the Glock 19X. But there are important distinctions beyond the black color. It is a Gen 5 pistol, meaning it incorporates all the enhance features of Gen 4.

Why Consider the Glock 45 Gen 5?

With its full-size frame and compact slide, the G45 is perhaps best considered as a duty pistol or home-defense gun. In addition, G45 has swappable backstraps and simple grip checkering.

Glock 45 Gen 5 is of the MOS model.  The MOS models are Gen 5, with optic platform cutouts already milled into the slide.

The G45 does not have the G19x front lip Frank Borrelli mentions in his Glock 19X review here .

Furthermore, the G45, and all Gen 5 Glocks, have the more inline feeding angle than my Gen 3 Glocks.

Glock 45  Specs:

  • Caliber: 9×19
  • Length: 7.44”
  • Slide Length: 6.85”
  • Height: 5.47”
  • Width: 1.34”
  • Slide Width: 1”
  • Barrel: 4.02” Marksman Barrel
  • Weight: 24.98 oz. (w/empty magazine)
  • Finish: nDLC black
  • Sights: Available with polymer, steel, or steel night sights
  • Capacity: 17
  • MSRP: $698 (often available for less).

Shooting the Glock 45

The shooting experience is that the G45’s trigger is the best of the Gen 5 triggers.  Consequently, the trigger is smooth and  shows little stacking and reset is crisp.

In addition, the pistol is eminently controllable and the extended grip will make you happy. Above all, Glock pistols are never very ergonomic.

However, the slide has the contoured “bullnose” front area and the frame is contoured to match this feature.

Glock 45 Gen 5

The barrel is the Gen 5 “Marksman” barrel, which is a genuine step up from the Gen 4 barrels. As a result, the slide stop controls are on both sides of the pistol and, as per usual, the magazine release control is reversible.

The base of the grip is mildly flared out to create a slight magwell (though it is not a true magwell and there is no need for one anyway).


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