GG&G Beretta 1301 Tactical Magazine Tube Extension Beretta 1301 12 Gauge 2-Round Aluminum Black

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GG&G Beretta 1301 Tactical Magazine For Sale

The GG&G Beretta 1301 Tactical Magazine came with 2 extra rounds. But if you know how to disassemble your shotgun to undertake maintenance operations, you can easily install the 1301 2 Shot Mag Tube. But the Beretta barrel clamp is included with the KZ beretta 1301 tactical magazine extension kit. The shotgun doesn’t need to be altered—12 Gauge 2-Round Aluminum beretta 1301 tactical magazine capacity tube extension.

Recent studies on two-shot mag tubes fitted on the beretta 1301 tactical accessories without a barrel clamp have shown that the nut holding the tube in place tends to twist and become looser as the shotgun fires. But the nut may get loose enough to result in a catastrophic malfunction if left unnoticed. Beretta 1301 tactical upgrades included a barrel clamp in the packaging to avoid this possibility, and I strongly suggested using it.

Is the best magazine extension for beretta 1301 tactical a good one?

Anyone is seeking a dependable semi-automatic shotgun! It did an excellent job carrying out its intended function as a shotgun and devoured everything. We had access to various birdshot, 00 bucks, and even a few slugs to lob at it. Ideal for use in home defense. Beretta 1301 parts are also excellent as the foundation for a competitive build with a few simple modifications.


  • Perfect for military, law enforcement and home defense use.
  • The package includes the GG&G Barrel Clamp.
  • The two-shot Beretta 1301 Mag Tube Extension does not protrude beyond the muzzle.
  • Unique magazine tube extension nut is manganese phosphate to a non-reflective combat finish per Mil-Spec.
  • They can remove the magazine extension tube end cap separately for easy cleaning and use of a magazine plug.
  • The magazine extension tube nut is CNC machined from a solid, wear-resistant steel bar.
  • When properly installed, the solid steel ratcheting base on the Beretta mag tube extension nut securely retains the barrel under recoil.
  • The magazine extension tube is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and type III hard anodized anti-reflective matte black.


Product Information

Cartridge 12 Gauge
Color Black
Finish Anodized
Material Aluminum
Capacity 2
Length 5.02 Inches
Weight 5.8 Ounce
Country of Origin United States of America

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 0.420 Pounds


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