Fiocchi primer small pistol lead-free, No Lead, primers

I do a lot of indoor Fiocchi primer small pistol lead-free shooting, and I’m concerned about lead poisoning. Every year, I get a lead blood test, and it stays in the “normal” range, but when I wasn’t shooting for a few years, it dropped to almost undetectable levels. As a result, I know I have a source of lead in my environment, and it’s most likely the indoor range or reloading. Buy Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Ammunition 9x18mm (9mm) online.

Shooters are exposed to airborne lead particles for multiple reasons. Bullets with exposed lead bases melt due to the hot gases from the burning gunpowder. Lead stifnate in the primer mix also contributes to airborne lead particles.

Vaporized lead particles in the air are easily absorbed through respiration. Lead is toxic, and elevated blood levels can cause a number of health-related problems. Shooting indoors is the biggest health hazard from airborne lead, but blood lead levels can rise even outdoors. As a result, we plan to run our test using all the different primers here. Federal 215, CCI BR2, Federal 210M, Federal 210, 6.5 Creedmoor, federal primer large pistol.


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