The Berretta 92x Rdo Centurion Centurions is the latest version of the venerable Beretta 92 series 9mm pistol. These were featured at Shot Show 2019 and are now sold by many retailers. The Beretta 92X answers many of the needs of front and rear check buyers. A short, crowned barrel. A 16-pound D-hammer spring.




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The Berretta 92x Rdo Centurion aims to be the best for defensive purposes and competitive dynamic shooting, featuring a red dot optic-ready slide and an aggressively textured standard vertex style with a dovetail combat site for optimal sight options, a short reset trigger and a Bereta vertical frame. A grip that ensures a more natural fit for all shooters.

How many magazines does a Beretta 92X boat carry?

For the full-size and Centurion 92X, Beretta ships three 17-round magazines with each gun. 15 and 10 rounds are also available. The compact model can be a standard ship with three 13-round magazines and 10. Best Beretta USA 92X RDO Centurion for online.

Why the Bereta 92X Semioto pistol?

With the 92X Semioto pistol, the Beretta beretta 92x compact has created an upcoming combination of all the desired features that today’s shooters prefer in one pistol that does it all—bringing modern elements to 92X!

UPC 082442926117
Capacity 10 1 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 4.25″ BARREL
Weight 1.8 LBS.
Finish BLACK


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