He called the Beretta M9 the Beretta 92FS semiautomatic pistol, officially the Pistol, Semiautomatic, 9mm, M9, used by the United States Armed Forces. The US Army adopted the M9 in 1985 as a service pistol. 92FS won a competition in the 1980s for the replacement.




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This feature, combined with the additional weight, makes the Beretta M9 a highly accurate firearm that is surprisingly easy to fire given its large size and bulk—also known for its reliability of the Beretta.

Which is better, Beretta M9 or Glock 17?

Glock 17 Magazine Power is 10 1. Beretta 92FS defeated Glock by 15 1 power here. Of course, higher magazine power makes the barrel heavier, which can make a difference in your beretta 22lr choice if you are looking for a weapon. To carry or, if you generally prefer, a light gun. Best BERETTA USA M9 22 LR for online.

What is the Beretta M9 used for?

The Beretta M9 semi-automatic pistol is a perfect choice for home defense, field carry, law enforcement, and target practice used by the military. Comes with 2 high-powered magazines.

From the heat of the Panamanian jungle to the sandstorms of Iraq, the men and women of the US military have counted on the Beretta pistol for excellent service and reliability for more than two decades. The commercial M9 gun is the closest counterpart to the military M9 that a civilian can legally own. This M9’s distinctive military-style markings on various components closely resemble those of the M9 pistol used by the US military, and its 3-dot sight system is a clone of the military M9. In addition to these two features, the unique serial number prefixed with M9 distinguishes this commercial M9 from the Beretta 92 FS pistol.

UPC 082442816371
Caliber 9 MM LUGER
Capacity 15 1 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 4.9″ BARREL
Weight 2.1 LBS.
Finish BLACK


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