Benelli Oversized Safety Button Benelli Super Black Eagle, M1

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Benelli Oversized Safety Button Benelli is a great way to repair or upgrade your favorite Benelli(Benelli Oversized Safety Button Benelli Super Black Eagle, M1). These parts are manufactured to the specifications that have made Benelli known for reliability in adverse conditions. This quality craftsmanship ensures a perfect fit and reliable function from any Benelli factory part.

Just the right extension allows the joint of the trigger finger to click the safety off before finger placement on the trigger. To click the safety back on, you still have to do the reach around, but that is standard for all I have seen thus far.

Which Benelli safety button is the best?

The M2. This series is likely the most popular of the Benelli series of shotguns. The M2 also comes in the widest variety of configurations. It comes in the tactical model we all know and love, but it also comes in a Field model, a Field Rifle Slug gun, a 3-Gun model, a Turkey Performance shop, and a Waterfowl model.

What does the Benelli safety button best stand for?

Benelli Surface Treatment

BE. S.T. (Benelli Surface Treatment) is a new proprietary finishing technology developed by engineers and scientists at Benelli’s manufacturing headquarters in Urbino, Italy. We are spending more than a decade developing B.E.

Which Benelli safety button does the military use?

Benelli Safety Button

Benelli M4 Super 90 has a longer 18.5″ barrel, pistol grip and telescopic stock. It was specially designed to meet the U.S. Military requirements. Eventually, it was adopted by the United States.

Who is Benelli m4 oversized safety owned by?

The Qianjiang

Since 2005 Benelli m4 oversized safety has been a part of the Qianjiang (Q.J.) group, the largest capacity manufacturer of motorcycles in China. Q.J. produces over 1,200,000 vehicles annually at its high-tech factory in Wenling, about 250 miles from Shanghai. With more than 14,000 workers, the factory is as big as a city!


Specifications – Benelli

Product Information

Finish Matte
Material Steel
Compatible With
  1. M1
  2. M1 Super 90
  3. Super Black Eagle

Delivery Information

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