Benelli Buttstock Assembly with Adjustable Drop M1 12 Gauge Synthetic Black

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Benelli Buttstock Assembly with Adjustable Drop M1 12 Gauge Synthetic Black: Benelli compact stock factory parts are a great way to repair or upgrade your favorite Benelli nova stock replacement. These parts are manufactured to the specifications that have made Benellis known for reliability in adverse conditions. This quality craftsmanship ensures a perfect fit and reliable function from any Benelli Comfortech stock factory part.

Solid walnut, cherry or laminate stock made for the Benelli R1 rifle. The cylinder head is copied from the original Benelli nova compact stock pattern. Stocks are intentionally cut, oversized, and generic enough to fit several models. Additional final entries, shaping and trimming will need to be completed by the customer. It’s just for wood. Metal parts are not included.

The article still needs to be finished. It has been rubbed with mineral spirits to bring out the grain. Grain patterns will also vary from the examples. It is priced for Walnut or Cherry – Best Laminate using the drop-down boxes to see the incremental price difference.

What is Benelli stock removal used in John Wick?

Benelli M2 compact stock

The Benelli stock removal was a “big and bold” shotgun given to John Wick during the murder of Gianna D’Antonio. Charon used the Benelli M4 super 90, while John used the Benelli m2 compact stock against the High Table assault at the Continental Hotel in New York.

What is Benelli m4 stock removal ComforTech?

The ComforTech® system reduces felt kickback by up to 48% over the competition. Historically, if you wanted less recoil, you had to make the charge of the shot lighter or the gun heavier. The ComforTech® system revolutionized firearm technology by controlling recoil without adding weight or using more lightweight controls.


Product Information

Cartridge 12 Gauge
Color Black
Material Synthetic
Compatible With
Benelli M1

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Shipping Weight 1.455 Pounds


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