ATN BinoX 4T Thermal Rangefinding Binocular 1-10x 19mm 640×480 with HD Video Recording, Wi-Fi, GPS, Smooth Zoom, Smartphone Control via iOS or Android app



The ATN BinoX 4T Thermal Rangefinding Binocular is a great all around binocular set for all your hunting needs. BIX (Ballistic Information Exchange) tech allows ATNs SMART HD devices to communicate and exchange information. This technology lets our systems talk to each other, exchanging valuable information; in order to facilitate a shooting solution eliminating hold over. Simple to pair, our BIX Tech is independent of any app so you don’t need to rely on extra equipment. Built-in IR Illuminator for those times when you have friends or team members with Night Vision that need help looking at the right spot to see the target. The new internal lithium ion battery will keep you hunting late into the evening or those early morning hours, with an incredible 16+ hrs of run time. Just like your standard binoculars, ATN’s binoculars are designed with a comfortable eye relief and interpupillary adjustment so anyone can use these binoculars with comfort.


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